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Training Lab Blue Economy


We keep growing with additional training infrastructure on our premises. The training lab blue economy offers possibilities to improve the skills of employees in the blue economy. This training center will be equiped with the most modern technologies such as a control room of a windfarm so that employees can train in safe environment. The lab is managed by a consortium of 4 knowledge institutions.

The cry for help from companies active in the blue economy is getting louder. Technologically, the sector is evolving at lightning speed, but the training offer hardly meets the needs of companies. As a result, the search for good technically and digitally trained personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. It is the ambition of Syntra West, Howest, VIVES and UGent to prepare the employees of today and tomorrow for a job in the blue economy through the Blue Economy Training Lab.

The Blue Economy Training Lab is part of UPSKILL, an ERDF project that invests in innovative and high-quality training infrastructure. The infrastructure will be housed in Bluebridge (Ostend Science Park) and is owned by POM West-Vlaanderen. The knowledge institutions will operate the Training Lab and offer various courses.

To this end, they will, among other things, use the most innovative technologies to learn new skills or improve current skills. Think especially of VR and AR, but also of cobots and a simulated control room of a wind farm. In other words, the Training Lab Blue Economy will be the place to be for students and employees in the blue economy to boost their skills.

" The need to upgrade skills in the blue economy is very great. The Blue Energy Training Lab meets this need and is equipped with the latest technologies. Moreover, it is unique that a consortium of four Flemish knowledge institutions will operate this POM infrastructure. This allows us to reach a very wide range of students and to bundle a lot of knowledge. "

Jean de Bethune, president POM
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